That which does not kill us makes us stronger. There were number of trials in my life, and I learned to repeat for myself and for other people, that everything happens for the better, and under no circumstances one can lose heart! While we fight - we live! Ilnytska Yulia, 2012 winner

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First Step to Success Program

was launched in 2006 by Ukrainian Women’s Fund, the Center for Ukrainian Reform Education (CURE), the Women’s Health and Family Planning Foundation as well as charitable foundations “Help Us Help the Children --Ukraine”, the Ukrainian Children’s Aid and Relief Effort -- (UCARE)

The program's goal is to promote leadership skills among Ukrainian girls to inspire them to become participants in Ukraine's social sphere and in lives of their communities
Every year active purposeful girls from different parts of Ukraine take part in the contest and become participants of First Step to Success Program, which opens for them majority of diverse opportunities to achieve success.
A number of interesting and important events took place for the years of program existence. Among them there are traditional meetings of contest winners with famous women of Ukraine, such as: Kateryna Yushchenko, the wife of Ex-President of Ukraine; Olha Herasymyuk, TV-presenter and VR Deputy; Natalia Sumska, the actress, Larysa Mudrak, member of the National Council on Television and radio, Olena Shoptenko, the dancer and other famous and successful women of Ukraine. Experiences, achievements and personal records of women inspire and support a lot of young ambitious girls.
The program participants get acquainted with work of the leading domestic and foreign organizations, have opportunity to learn the secret of their success. They take part in trainings on developing leadership potential, gender equality, on writing proposals. During the meetings and at the First Step Forum the girls exchange interesting ideas, experiences and give start to new mutual projects.

Besides, to implement their ideas young leaders have opportunity to get financing from Ukrainian Women’s Fund in the form of mini-grants. It is the first serious and responsible try of the girls to show their leadership potential, organize a team and bring positive changes in their communities. We can be proud of the girls who created own organizations, implemented projects directed at supporting gender equality, improving ecological situation, helping orphans, struggling with domestic violence and a lot of others.


The Program’s peculiarity is a permanentsupport for girls who became its participantsin previous years. These are informational listserve, invitation to participate in different events, such as Vital Voices of Eurasia leadership Summit, nomination to Open World exchange program, inviting to implementation of mutual projects, etc .

So, in many cities and villages of Ukrainethere are girls who have made their first steptogether with the program and who nowconfidently go to success.



If you want to take part in First Step to Success Program
or would like to help young girls to become successful
we invite you to cooperation!
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